They’re the only marketing strategy result that really matters to your business.

Yeah, we can track all the data… from followers all the way to visits on your website, but none of that truly matters in terms of a successful marketing strategy.

What does matter is actual customers.

And in order to develop a successful marketing campaign that will bring you more customers, you must first UNDERSTAND your potential customers.

And by far the biggest complaint most of my clients tell me they have trying to bring in more of those coveted customers is this… marketing is SOOOO confusing! And to most people, I’d say this is an accurate statement.


But what if I told you there was a way to use your influence and provide value across multiple platforms, creating strategic touchpoints that will improve your overall relationship with current customers AND bring in new potential customers and service opportunities…?

Whether you’re a product based business or a service provider, a well thought out marketing strategy that provides value-based content relevant to your customer’s needs will lead to growth in business, an increase in the number of leads,  and bottom line… an increase in sales.
BUT… this type of strategy isn’t for someone wanting instant gratification… this is relational marketing for the long haul.

And this is exactly the kind of strategic marketing campaigns I provide. Jessica Grimes Digital Marketing Agency is on the cutting edge of marketing touchpoint strategies. Our value funnel process is created with your unique customer profile in mind, and tailored to your custom marketing goals…creating an exceptional service experience for everyone. Auditing Your Accounts Expand

My process starts with a strategic audit that assesses your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats present in your competitive niche. Knowing your position from all these angles helps us to create the most comprehensive plan to strengthen your position, market your business, and scale for growth.

Possible topics covered…
  • Goals and expectations for campaigns;
  • Verify Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics are properly tracking data;
  • Review your stats, metrics, and analytics to advise you on what will increase your return of investment (and no…we will not be comparing to industry standards);
  • Review your ad creatives (ad images and ad copy) and make recommendations on how to make those more engaging.
  • Review of your audiences to look for hidden opportunities to cross niche your services, layer in multiple campaign touchpoints to retarget your warm audience, and strategically engage your ‘forgotten funnel’.
  • Advise you on the top three custom recommendations that you need to consider to improve campaign performance and results going forward.
Creating Your Strategy Expand Once we know what your audit results are, then the strategizing can begin. I like to call this the down and dirty part of the process. Because I’m going to get all up in your business today so that you can get on with enjoying the freedom you’ve been hustling for in your business. I’ll create a custom strategy unique to your personality, your passions, your goals, your unique clients, etc. There’ll be no stone left unturned, and when we’re done, we’ll have a step by step map for your custom journey to results.
Done For You Services Expand

I understand that time is money. And you need to use your time, wisely. It’s imperative that you learn to delegate now, or your business will only grow as far as you learn to let go. I want you to really understand what that means. Because this is where it usually gets tough for most of my clients. And the ones who trust the process, my expertise, and learn the art of letting go… they’re the ones that help to create an environment of growth for their business and help foster and fuel the next level results. That’s when the magic really starts to happen with my done-for-you services.

With my proven methods, I will create engaging campaigns that convert and deliver quality leads to you. I’ll help you create creative copy, scroll-stopping images, and targeting strategic audiences, along with setting up your campaigns, monitor your ads and then send you detailed reports to keep you in the loop on how your campaigns performing.
Ad Account Coaching Expand

Let’s face it, there are numerous issues that could arise with your Facebook and Instagram marketing campaigns. Like…


  • How can I get cheaper conversions with my ad campaigns?
  • I’m getting a ton of link clicks, but my landing page or sales page isn’t converting.
  • What expectations and goals should I set for my campaigns?
  • How do I create compelling ads and stay in compliance with Facebook’s rules and regulations?

My one-on-one coaching and consulting sessions are tailored to your specific questions. By using screen-sharing video calls, I will review your questions and provide you with specific answers that are tailored to your needs. Since these video calls are recorded, you will have lifetime access to training videos that you can refer back to as needed.

Wanna say farewell to the gurus, ninjas, and questionable tactics? And say hello to successful relational marketing that leads with value for your customers?
I’m ready for a marketing strategy that gets customers!