Have You Mapped Out

the various digital marketing touchpoints
to engage your prospects, leads and customers in your business?

Digital Marketing Touchpoints

Taking an individual from being a prospect to a lead then to a customer requires creating a unique customer journey which includes numerous digital marketing touchpoints that are relevant to your business.  

It doesn’t matter if you’re a service provider or an e-commerce store... 

By creating this customer journey throughout their experience with your brand, those individuals are more likely to engage and recognize your brand across the various platforms.


  • What is a digital marketing touchpoint?
  • What is considered a digital marketing touch?
  • How many different digital marketing touches are there?
  • Can this data improve my customer's experience? 
  • Will these touches grow my business?

Jessica Grimes helps small business owners scale their business by creating a unique digital marketing strategy that helps them become visible through marketing efforts on Facebook, Instagram, and other online marketing avenues.

As a marketer, she believes every business has a unique marketing pitch and audience...but that the research needs to be done in order to be successful in the online world.

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Jessica Grimes