The Power of Quiz

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Here recently (and ongoing), I’ve been working with a Facebook Advertising Client on growing their email list by utilizing a unique lead generation online quiz.

At first, I was completely skeptical about their quiz. It was long. It asked very personal questions. I honestly wanted to encourage them to take some of the questions out.

As any great marketer would do, I accepted the challenge and create this Facebook Ad Campaign.

Let me give you some backstory on this particular client...starting back in December of 2017, I researched my client’s niche. I spent numerous hours on search engines, Amazon and inside the Facebook Ad dashboard. Initially, we were not getting anywhere fast. Then at the end of January, I FINALLY found the right audience algorithm where we started building an email list fast!

By utilizing one particular opt-in, we quickly grew their list to over 1,000 email addresses! This was exceptionally exciting for me, but when you get your first 1,000, you still want more and more! That’s when the client informed me that they had created a unique quiz.

I created all the specific custom conversions and made sure the pixel was firing correctly; then it was live... (to a specific targeted audience and a lookalike audience)

After 27 days of being live, this quiz and the ad copy has performed beyond our expectations. Right now, we have an ad spend budget of $30.00/day and have received over 1,000 new opt-ins.

So here’s the question...What makes people want to answer questions in a quiz form? What’s the psychology behind it?

People are always searching for ways to be more self-aware; by taking a self-assessment, it gives us a different glimpse. This glimpse is based on the topic of your quiz. The whole purpose of your quiz is to help your reader reinforce to them that they may need help in a certain area of their life OR it helps reassure your reader that they are on track/successful with their results. People also are always trying to make sense of things.

So, are you ready to unleash your potential to reach people by building a quiz to enhance your marketing strategy? If so, I highly recommend you utilize TryInteract! It’s simple to use and free to start, but if you want to track your traffic, you will need to purchase the $17.00/month plan.

Don’t regret trying out a quiz as part of your marketing strategy! If you’re not sure exactly how to market your quiz, make sure you schedule a Free Discovery Call to see if I can help you create your marketing strategy.

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