Automate Your Business With One Simple Tool

Several years ago, I was a lost, startup business owner. I had searched within many Facebook groups and searched Google for those programs that a new business owner needed. I was overwhelmed with how many options were on the market.

I was searching for a simple, easy to use appointment scheduler that would easily link to my website.

What I found, was a program that did that and more!

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The Lowdown on Acuity Scheduling

Let me introduce you to Acuity Scheduling. This, by far, has been the best investment for my business. For $10.00 per month, I have my booking calendar, questionnaire, appointment email follow-ups, client information and a payment gateway all in one place. During the initial setup, I was able to customize my calendar and the email sequence to reflect my business branding. The only coding that was required, was linking my scheduler up onto my website.

1)  Acuity Scheduling gave me the opportunity to control my business calendar and only give clients and potential clients access to me when I allowed. The simple to use calendar system allows to to create the days and times you want to accept appointments or block out certain days or times. This gives you a unique opportunity to schedule specific appointments on certain days. I personally like scheduling Discovery Calls on Tuesdays and Thursdays; and my regular client appointments on Mondays and Wednesdays. I leave Fridays open for client emergencies.


2) By integrating Acuity Scheduling with my WordPress site, I am easily able to direct individuals to my booking calendar. Once a person books an appointment, it automatically updates my account and my Google calendar (which syncs with my iPhone.) This keeps me punctual and helps me manage my time appropriately.

3)  Getting to know your client is essential to having a great discovery call. Acuity Scheduling gives you the option to create a questionnaire for your potential client to complete. The questionnaire (that you create) helps you get-to-know your potential client before having the initial call. You are able to easily download the completed questionnaire for your reference at any time.

4) Sending confirmation emails can sometimes become burdensome, but with Acuity, they have created a simple email sequence for you to customize when sending appointment information to your prospect/client. The emails you can send are for the initial consultation, reminders, cancellations, rescheduling, and follow-up. Each email can be customized to the message that you want your client to receive. You can also create unique emails based on the type of appointment a prospect/client has booked. 4) I think the best feature Acuity Scheduling offers is the integration with Zoom. Zoom has been another wonderful investment for my business. By linking Acuity to Zoom, anytime someone books an appointment, a link is automatically created for our virtual chat. There’s no forgetting to setup the virtual call. There’s no worrying about remembering to email the link to your prospect/client. It’s automatically done for you!

Once you check out Acuity Scheduling and integrate this amazing calendaring/scheduler into your business, you will immediately start feeling more organized and professional! Go ahead…Give Acuity Scheduling a try!


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