The Role of a Digital Marketing Agency (2)

Marketing is changing… Marketing is changing so rapidly that business owners cannot keep up with everything they should learn about marketing their business and how to increase sales. There are so many options or choices: social media platforms, messenger chatbots, email marketing platforms, website options, content marketing strategies, sms tools, search engine optimization techniques… and…

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Digital Marketing: Why Every Business Needs a Digital Marketing Strategy

Marketing…that nine-letter word sends a lot of business owners into a panic. “Where can I find more leads and customers?” “How do I find customers that are willing to pay the price my products/services are offered at?” “How can I make more money on each sale or create more opportunities to sell?” “How can I…

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Jessica Grimes Digital Case Study - Raise Them Well

In July of 2018, Jessica Grimes Digital was contacted by the owner of Raise Them Well to take over their marketing strategy as their former ads manager was leaving the business. This account had been spending a lot on with no return. They needed this to change! Upon inspection of their ad account and Shopify…

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Understanding the Power of Facebook Pixel

When I started my business, everyone was telling me to install my Facebook pixel onto my website and funnels. I wasn’t sure at the time what anyone was talking about or why I needed this, so I started researching the topic and asking tons of questions.  One thing you need to understand at this very moment…

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Automate Your Business With One Simple Tool

Several years ago, I was a lost, startup business owner. I had searched within many Facebook groups and searched Google for those programs that a new business owner needed. I was overwhelmed with how many options were on the market. I was searching for a simple, easy to use appointment scheduler that would easily link…

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The Power of Quiz

Searching for a new way to entice potential leads to give you their email address? Read on to discover how a quiz has quickly grown one client’s email list by over 1,000 in under a month.

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7 Steps in Creating a Strong Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy….Yes, speaking those words can cause heart palpitations because of the overwhelming thought of implementing something new. As a business owner, no matter how small or large your business is, you should start thinking about a marketing strategy. It’s never too late to start implementing a new plan of action for your business.…

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