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Jessica Grimes hasn’t always owned a digital marketing business, but her past has significantly molded who she has become today. During her tenure as a Paralegal, she thought she had found her calling. Jessica enjoyed working along with the attorneys by preparing case documents, organizing trial folders, researching case law and much more. But over time, her Paralegal career froze her creative side, the side that needed the freedom to explore.

Over time, Jessica searched for an opportunity to explore her creativity and that’s when she discovered an MLM Opportunity. By investing her extra time into building her MLM business, she was able to absorb valuable business lessons from numerous mentors and marketing industry leaders. When she became a Director, she left her position as a Paralegal and fully vested herself in her own MLM business.

After having so many valuable experiences, Jessica decided to explore self-employment by owning her own small business. She wanted true freedom to control her schedule, her children’s schedule, income, the type of people she worked with and the quality of services she wanted to offer fellow business owners.

Jessica Grimes Digital strives to provide:

Quality: Quality workmanship is a core value of Jessica’s Digital Marketing business. She strives to provide quality service, quality results and a positive outlook on all projects!

In the Digital Marketing line of work, various social media platforms are always changing the rules on us. Jessica strives to provide updates to her clients and is completely transparent when she is unable to figure something out right them. Jessica always attempts to work out all the kinks and keeps the client informed of any new developments. When a client invests in Jessica Grimes Digital, Jessica immediately becomes invested in their business.

Commitment: It takes a lot of research and trial/error to figure out how to achieve the goals set between the business owner and Jessica Grimes Digital.  By committing her team to each client project, Jessica’s team becomes a part of the client’s team to help them reach their business goals.

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