Are you ready to grow your business with value-filled, relationship-driven marketing?

Let’s face it...marketing your business can be overwhelming…  being present on social media, new product/service creation, creating video content, creating paid marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest, managing your daily business tasks, nurturing your audience with email marketing campaigns…

I mean this list can go on and on when it comes down to ALL the tasks you’re trying to manage PLUS run your business.

That doesn’t even take into account creating landing pages, email sales sequences, marketing ad campaigns, messenger bot interaction, and, and, and...

YOUR focus should be elsewhere.

Imagine...automating your business so you’re free to engage new customers and turn them into repeat customers and loyal fans.

Here at Jessica Grimes Digital, we help eCommerce store owners, women & children based businesses, and other business owners generate leads, build trust with prospects, and increase their customer base.

We strive to grow your business with a unique customer journey
focused on value-filled, relationship-driven marketing.

Creating effective campaigns on various platforms is essential to your relationship-driven marketing strategy, especially if you want to scale your business to the next level.

But marketing online isn’t an overnight quick opportunity. The platforms are always updating and changing their algorithms. This is why it’s important to target the right audience and optimize for the correct objective.

The reality is, potential clients come to me every day, exhausted from the roller coaster that do-it-yourself marketing campaigns have caused in their business… not to mention the havoc they have wreaked with their sanity. Then they are faced with the fact that they’ve spent more money for very little results.

Wouldn’t you love nothing more than to focus on the things you love to do instead of things that have become a burden?

Leave all the stress behind and let us create a strategic action plan with your unique business in mind. We’ll research a targetable audience, brainstorm ad creatives, and test each part of your campaign before scaling your to achieve the results you're wanting.

We will strategically grow your business with a unique customer journey that is full of value, relationship-driven, and results centered.

Would you like to be our next success story?

Would you like to be our next success story?


"There is a myriad of things I can say about working with Jessica, but I will just say a few.  To say she is efficient is an understatement. This is a lady with experience and know-how oozing out of her fingertips. She is innovative and creative. One of the most outstanding things outside of her professionalism and competence was that she treated my projects as if they were her own. Her level of professionalism is unquestionable, her customer service unrivaled. Thank you for helping me make my dreams a reality." ~ Belkis Clarke

"I started working with Jessica Grimes on my FB ads as a dating coach for women, which is a quite tricky niche to create success given FB's picky rules and severe sensitivity regarding word choices. I couldn't have been happier with our work. Given how tricky my niche is, Jessica has beautifully managed to get optimal results which are all evident in the numbers we see on our FB Ads Manager. In addition, Jessica is fair, she is incredibly consciences of her client's needs, and highly informative when it comes to choosing the best offers that will get better results.

I recommend Jessica 100% and am so happy to have her on my team at Dating with Confidence™." ~Raeeka Yaghmai

"Jessica's ability to not only manage client projects but also create effective strategies that integrate all aspects of a client's business is unparalleled. She can see the vision, chart the path, create the systems & processes, manage the creatives and their implementation, the launch your project to the world... all while being her amazing southern self 🙂 Need Facebook ad work? A sales funnel? Got a launch coming up? Whatever it is, she can do it! Her portfolio is amazing and she's only going to go up from here!" ~ April Lewis

"I have been working with Jessica for several months. She is a go-getter and we really hit the ground running as soon as we started working together. She is unbelievably helpful and willing to tackle any task I throw her way. I can always count on her to be timely in her response and thorough in her work. I feel lucky to have found someone who is just as invested in the success of my business as I am - I would recommend her to anyone!"~ Jordan Schanda

"Working with Jessica has been an absolute pleasure. Her broad knowledge of ClickFunnels, Mailerlite and Zapier along with her broad tech skills helped me accomplish what I was striving for. She is a clear communicator and professional yet approachable. I highly recommend Jessica's services!" ~Lei Edstrom

"Business is a team sport.” This saying couldn’t be truer! A key to success as a solopreneur is to have a team of knowledgeable peers who can offer feedback and counsel if needed. I reached out to Jessica last month for support regarding a lead generation proposal I was sending to a prospect in a local b2b market. Her input helped me to land a $3.5k lead generation marketing project! Thank you, Jessica!" ~ Ruth Hartmann